Our Services


At Super Steve’s Tire & Mechanical we can service all of your tire and wheel needs. Whether it’s your car or your commercial truck, we have the equipment to repair or replace the tires and wheels. We offer tire and wheel services for cars, pick-up trucks, ATV’s, bobcats, farm tractors, and commercial trucks.

Service List
  • Repair & replace car and pick-up truck tires
  • Repair & replace commercial tires
  • Repair & replace farm tires
  • Repair & replace forklift tires
  • Repair & replace bobcat tires
  • TPMS diagnostics & replacement
  • Custom wheels
  • Tire storage

Mechanical Services

At Super Steve’s Tire & Mechanical, we can service your mechanical needs. With a licensed mechanic, we can perform your repairs and maintenance on cars and pick-up trucks from headlights to tail lights and everything in between.

Service List
  • Oil Changes – Replace engine oil and filter. Perform a complimentary comprehensive vehicle inspection. Top up all fluids.
  • Fluid Maintenance – Replace engine fluids, transmission fluids, and differential fluids.
  • Brakes – Diagnose brake noises and problems. Service and replace all components of braking system including wheel bearings.
  • Steering/Front End – Diagnose front end noises and problems. Service and replace all front end components.
  • Suspension – Diagnose suspension noises and problems. Service and replace all suspension components. Install lift and lowering kits.
  • Wheel Alignments – Diagnose wheel alignment problems. Perform computerized wheel alignments.
  • Diagnostics – Scan vehicles computer to diagnose check engine lights, ABS lights, and air bag lights.
  • Tune Ups – Replace spark plugs, fuel injection flush, replace fuel filter & air filters.
  • Engine Repairs – Diagnose engine noises and problems. Replace seals and gaskets. Replace serpentine belts & timing belts. Install aftermarket air intakes.
  • Battery/Charging System – Diagnose battery/charging system problems. Replace batteries, alternators, and starters.